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Apr 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
-raiser and a dedication ceremony for former president george w. bush. the small town of west took a step forward toward getting back to normal today. for the first time since the blast, students returned to class in the town's elementary school and high school. teachers and administrators were on hand to greet students. some parents took the day off to walk or drive their kids to school. >>> san jose police are investigating the death of a man found stabbed this afternoon. paramedics responded to a medical call on truckee lane at about 12:40 this afternoon. there they found the man's body and called police. homicide investigators were called to the scene but say they don't know yet if the man was a victim of foul play or if he committed suicide. >>> in the wake of a shooting, we took crime concerns to the city councilman and learned he was the victim of an armed robbery himself. jay hernandez is life now in oakland with the three things there in the works that could make a difference on the streets. >> reporter: that's right, gasia. there's actually a sign here and a cafe across the street, all just pa
Apr 21, 2013 4:00pm PDT
. >>> he they will dedicate the george w. bush library on friday. in attendance, president obama, the four living former presidents, and the man who followed bush 43 every step and every snap of the way. here's our power player of the week. >> i had an all-access pass. i could literally walk into the oval office without anyone blinking. >> eric draper was the chief white house photographer for the bush presidency. in a new book called "front row seat," he shows some of the almost 1 million pictures he took. >> we developed a really good rapport over the years to where he really didn't have to say anything to me. really it was seamless because i spent so much time with him. >> 9/11, draper was in the holding room in that florida school after the president learned of the attack and started drafting his statement to the nation. >> he picked up a notepad and started writing notes. he never looked up, and it wasn't until several minutes later and they're replaying the images of the video of flight 177 and hitting the south tower, and for the first time, the president turns and sees that image t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2